Providing Top Tier Medical Training, Continuing Education & Certifications

In order to save lives, it is imperative to know what to expect before hand, minimizing mental delays when treating yourself, a buddy or other personnel.

Training Capabilities

Raven Medical Inc. provides Medical training and pre-hospital medical services at all levels, from Basic to Advanced. 


We provide up-to-date medical training to police, military and other tactical units around the world. ​Training can be done at all levels, from Basic first-aid to Advanced trauma life support. Hands-on training is maximized to better prepare the students for real-life critical trauma or illness, whether in the US or abroad.


In Addition to Military and Tactical courses, ADS also offers numerous courses supporting the civilian sector. We can conduct training at our North Carolina training facility or we can send a Mobile Training Team to your location (with a minimum of enrolled students).

About Raven Medical

Raven Medical Inc., dba ADS Medical Support Team International

Raven Medical Inc. provides top tier medical training, continuing education, and certifications for all aspects of prehospital care. Our prehospital care instruction ranges from austere, through the urban, out of the water, and into the air. We are proud to host many of our nation’s best instructors. We are an eclectic blend of EMS, Flight, High Angle Rescue, Hazmat, PFC, Critical Care, Military, NRP and others. Many states require their paramedics to have 120 hours of continuing education every four years. We answer the call. Our world has recognized the value of teaching life saving interventions to non-medical personnel. We provide lifesaving intervention training to military and civilian organizations. We custom blend many training scenarios to meet the demand.

Training Schedule

Feb 2022

7 Feb


8-10 Feb


10-11 Feb


12-13 Feb


14-16 Feb


17-18 Feb

NREMT Skills Test Prep

19 Feb

NREMT Skills Test

07-18 Feb

SOF-P Bridge Course