Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay?

Payments can be made through the phone using credit card. Checks can be mailed to 455 Ramsey St. Ste 229, Fayetteville NC 28314. Please ensure that any check is sent at minimum a week prior to the test. All checks must be received processed prior to your study days/exam.

If I’m writing a check, who do I make it payable to?

Please make all checks payable to Raven Medical Inc.

How do I set up a class or test?

Contact our Operations Manager (910) 354-4861, he will be able to set you up in a timely manner

What do I need in order to take the NRP exam?

You need a PATT# which should be on your letter to test in the upper right hand corner. Once you have that, you can call our Operations Manager, he will get you scheduled.

What happens if I cannot make it to a test I have reserved?

Call our Operations Manager immediately and have your test date moved. If it is within days of the test, contact NREMT and let them know so they can release your PATT number and we can get you rescheduled.

What are the study days and how do I sign up?

Prior to CBT and NRP Testing, we have 2 days that you can come in, get hands on with equipment, see the rooms that you will be testing in, run scenarios and be shown what NREMT expects of you when you test. This also gives you the opportunity to get yourself back into student capacity. As any job, we all learn shortcuts or faster ways that can achieve the same results, however, when testing, it puts you back into the mindset of hitting every point in order to complete the mission.

How do I need to dress?

Please come in business casual. Please keep in mind that during parts of class/testing, you may be on the floor with a patient who is bleeding (simulated or moulage)  clothes can be stained, knees can be scraped, toes can get jammed or skirts can ride up. Most students show up in jeans or 5.11 style pants, close toed shoes and a t-shirt.